31 de mar. de 2010

Spoiler de Manhattan

Algunha vez pensei en pór unha entrada neste blog só coas últimas escenas de Manhattan, que é dos mellores finais que nunca vin nun filme. Como o compañeiro Xosé Mexuto acaba de subilo á súa bitácula, pois o que fago agora eu é copiarlle, aínda que pondo un pouquiño máis dese feche xenial, desde a carreira do protagonista até o diálogo que é, ao mesmo tempo, reencontro e despedida:

Isaac Davis: Hi.
Tracy: Hi.
Isaac Davis: I...
Tracy: What are you doing here?
Isaac Davis: Well, I ran... I tried to call you on the phone, but... it was busy. So I knew that was two hours' worth of... So I couldn't get a taxi cab, so I ran. Where you going?
Tracy: London.
Isaac Davis: You're going to London now? What d'you... What d'you mean? If I got over here two minutes later, you'd be... you'd be going to London?
Well, let me get right to the point then. I don't think you oughta go. I think I made a big mistake and I would prefer it if you didn't go.
Tracy: Oh, Isaac.
Isaac Davis: I mean it. I know it looks real bad now, but, uh, you know, it...
Are you seeing anybody? Are you going with anybody?
Tracy: No.
Isaac Davis: So... well... D'you still love me or has that worn off or what?
Tracy: Jesus, you... pop up... You don't call me and then you suddenly appear.
I mean... What happened to that woman you met?
Isaac Davis: Well, I'll tell you, I don't see her any more.
I made a mistake. What d'you want me to say?
I don't think you oughta go to London.
Tracy: Well, I have to go.
I mean, all the plans have been made, arrangements.
I mean, my parents are there now looking for a place for me to live.
Isaac Davis: Well... Do you still love me or what? Do you love me?
Tracy: Well, yeah, that's what... Of course.
Isaac Davis: Well... Do you still love me or what?
Tracy: Do you love me?
Isaac Davis: Well, yeah, that's what... Of course. That's what this is all about, you know.
Tracy: Guess what? I turned eighteen the other day.
Isaac Davis: Did you?
Tracy: I'm legal, but I'm still a kid.
Isaac Davis: You're not such a kid. Eighteen years old! They could draft you. In some countries you'd be...
You look good.
Tracy: You really hurt me.
Isaac Davis: It was not on purpose, you know. I mean, I... It was just the way I was looking at things then.
Tracy: I'll be back in six months.
Isaac Davis: Six months are you kidding? Six months you're gonna go for?
Tracy: We've gone this long, well what's six months if we still love each other?
Isaac Davis: Hey don't be so mature okay? Six months is a long time! Six months, you know you're going to be working in a theater there, you'll be working with actors and directors, you'll go to rehearsal, you'll hang out with those people, you'll have lunch a lot, before you know it attachments form you know. You don't want to get into that- you'll change you know you'll be in - in six months you'll be a completely different person.
Tracy: Well don't you want me to have that experience? I mean a while ago you made such a convincing case.
Isaac Davis: Well yeah of course I do but you know, I... I just don't want that thing I like about you to change.
Tracy: I've got to make a plane.
Isaac Davis: C'mon you dont-, c'mon you don't have to go.
Tracy: Why couldn't you have brought this up last week...! Six months isn't so long... Not everybody gets corrupted... You have to have a little faith in people.

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